In terms of the Palm Beach County real estate market, April has proven to be the best month of 2019! The year-over-year figures of both sales and median price have improved in comparison to the same stats at this time last year.    This increase and positive direction was seen across most of the state […]

From Florida Realtors: HUD Plans a “Verification Plan for Service Animals”

All stakeholders should be pleased to learn that HUD has a “verification plan for service animals” in the works. (Note: The following is not legal advice, as we are not lawyers. If you have specific questions about disability accommodations of any kind as it relates to housing, we can introduce you to a lawyer in […]

Three New Listings in May! from the All About Florida Homes Team

May has been a busy month so far for our team! It’s a great time to list a home in Palm Beach County (check out why we think so in our most recent Market Report here.)   We have three homes just hitting the market. Take a look at… This 2/2 condo in Lantana, and […]


The Realtors of the Palm Beaches and Greater Fort Lauderdale – and our state-level counterpart Florida Realtors – have released their market reports for March of 2019. Here is our analysis!  The first notable: Sellers of higher-end homes did in fact get more realistic and reduced their pricing to more appropriate levels – market supporting. […]

Selling a home in Delray - Should we accept a buyer's contingent offer?

Selling a home in Delray – Should we accept a buyer’s contingent offer?

We received this excellent question recently:   Our house has been on the market for awhile and now we have an offer. But, it’s contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s home. What does this mean? Should we accept it? It’s the first offer we’ve had in a few months, so I’m thinking yes. Help! […]

Do we need a pre-listing inspection?

Selling Boynton home: Do we need a pre-listing inspection?

A social media friend sent us a question recently. He wrote: 

 We’re going to sell our Boynton Beach home soon. I’ve been hearing recently that sometimes home owners who plan to sell pay for a pre-listing home inspection. What is the benefit? If we sell our home, do I need one? I will answer […]

After a Home Inspection, Does the Seller Have to Make Repairs Before Closing?

After inspection, if items come back that need to be repaired – is the seller required to do the repairs? To answer this question, I’m going to take you back to when we were making an offer on a property.  Like with many things we negotiate in real estate transaction, it depends on the strategy. […]

Selling My Home in Delray – How do I know if a buyer is qualified?

A fan of our Facebook page recently submitted this question: When a buyer makes an offer on my home, what should we be looking at to make sure they’re qualified and will be able to close on their offer? When we are your listing agents, we are always keeping this issue in mind, at every […]