Photos: City of Atlantis 26th Annual Holiday on Wheels Golf Cart Parade

On December 10th, Amy and her son Dillon were honored to serve as judges for the 26th Annual Holiday on Wheels Golf Cart Parade in their home City of Atlantis!

The fun kicked off around 5:30 where the decorated carts assembled in the Atlantis Country Club parking lot. After a delicious dinner organized by the City, and events for the kids (they brought in snow!), the police escorted parade “floats” 😉 through the city.

From their festive driveway parties, neighbors watched the carts go by. The highlight may have been the gold cart, from which participants through candy to the spectators.

The parade concluded at the Atlantis Municipal Complex, and the judges awarded prizes for the best carts. The Holiday Homes (decorating contest) were also awarded here!

Shout-out the Atlantis Police Department for their support and facilitation! We always appreciate our officers, who escort those in the parade around the City and block off streets for the protection of all who are enjoying the parade!

Enjoy some photos below!



“Amy and Noreen Helped Us Buy in Paradise!”

We were so thrilled to be the subject of this VIDEO that our clients (and now friends!) Don and Cynda made. We helped them to navigate a difficult transaction when they bought their beautiful water-side home. We ALL had to be patient and work out kinks at every turn… but it was all worth it because they now happily settled and loving South Florida!

Thanks, Don and Cynda!

Mortgage FAQs: Video Series with one of our favorite experts!

Ann Griffith of Capital Mortgage Funding joined Amy and Noreen recently to discuss all things mortgages! The pendulum has finally swung, and the market is very different than it was ten years ago. If you’d like to know if you can qualify to buy – and what to expect from the process, watch on!

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In this video, Ann and Amy talk about how the mortgage market has finally normalized:

Next, Ann talks about something many of our buyers wonder about: What does the mortgage application process look like? (Ann consults the buyer to establish their goals. She helps them gather documents, and look at different types of loans might be a fit.) Watch to learn!

The next question: How much mortgage can I afford? … It’s important to determine in advance how much mortgage you can afford. Ann describes the process for coming to this number / her methods for helping buyers know.

Lastly, we are busting a myth! 🙂 We STILL often hear people ask: Do you still need 20% down to buy a home? (Spoiler alert: Not anymore! That’s old news. Today there are hundreds of great loan products on the market, and there is one that is a good fit for you.) Ann and her partner Ruby Teich help many of our clients find the right “mortgage fit.” Watch more here:

Thanks for watching! If you have questions about buying a home, our team is always here to offer you no-obligation advice!
Call us at (561) 571-2289.

Referrals from You Are Special!

We’d like to take a moment to tell you how much we value referrals from you.

As real estate salespeople, we live for the joy and sense of accomplishment we feel when our client – a buyer or a seller – achieves his or her goal! The moment a buyer takes her keys… The excitement in the eyes of the sellers right after closing… This is our “why.”

When the person we have helped is a referral from someone in our sphere, that joy and accomplishment are truly magnified!

Please know that, when you send someone you care about to us, they will be well taken care of. Our combined years of experience in real estate – paired with our keen abilities to navigate each step of the buying or selling process expertly – will serve your loved one well.

For this reason, we ask you to think of us if someone you know mentions they may need to buy, sell, or rent in Palm Beach County. And, please give us a “heads up” when you refer someone to us, so we can thank you! We promise to deliver the white glove service we’ve come to be known for, and to leverage all of our knowledge and expertise to help your loved ones reach their goals.

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Our Ears are Burning – Client Love Letters!

As real estate salespeople, there is truly no feeling more amazing than when our client – a buyer or a seller – achieves his or her goal! The moment a buyer takes her keys… The excitement in the eyes of the sellers right after closing… This is our “why.”

We want to share a few notes we’ve received from past clients. We hope they help you know how committed we are to being the best at what we do – and to leveraging all of our experience and abilities to achieve the outcomes our buyers and sellers wish for! 

“Amy and Noreen or amazing to work with. We had a slightly complicated sale and both agents were skillful at taking care of details while keeping everyone calm and happy. I recommend this team to anyone wanting to sell or buy real estate. I cannot say enough positive things about them both. I only wish I still lived in the area so I could work with them again!” – Rebecca P.

We recently purchased a home and could not have been more pleased with the professionalism, service and attention to detail from Noreen and Amy throughout the transaction. They are a terrific team with skills that complement each other. With so many moving parts to a real estate closing, it’s easy for something to slip through the cracks. Not in our case. Amy and Noreen were on top of everything and made it seem easy. They are real pros! – Chris L. 

“We can’t say enough good things about Amy & Noreen!! It took us a couple months and a lot of houses before we found the right one.  Noreen was always so happy to take us out to see houses, sometimes a second or a third time! Amy was awesome through out the closing, we felt like she had our best interest at heart and really relied on her knowledge! I would recommend them to anyone who wants a knowledgeable, kind and patient team to work with, they really are the best.”  – Jenn V.

Amy and Noreen